Growing a business can feel like riding an avalanche

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We have helped many businesses to scale authentic ideas by financing and investing our time and resources into areas where businesses fall short.

Snowball is Zabolis Partners platform that focuses on technology and digital transformation.

We have built and scaled companies for 25+ years

Whether you are looking to go from local to international arena, or just need general guidance…

… on putting a good business development plan in place – Snowball is backed by a team of experienced experts who will help you to get your business to places you have only dreamed of. With our unique approach, you will have access to top-notch marketing strategies and solutions. We know how to make you stand out and conquer even the most competitive markets. 

Well established IT infrastructure is crucial for your business growth. Snowball has worked with some of the most complex technologies in the market. Our teams are here to help you design, to choose and implement required systems as well as to provide you with resources needed in order to deploy it successfully.

"From finances to talent - Snowball's solid foundation has given us the support we needed to achieve our success."

– Tomas Unikauskis, Founder & CEO | Smart Brands Lab

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Investing is like climbing a mountain – things can change fast and unexpectedly

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In every business we invest, we take C-level roles and participate daily. We always vote with our own capital first and it stays as long as we are involved.

Through our Investment Strategy we focus on identifying opportunities by…

… utilizing our existing expertise in e-commerce, technology and ed-tech. We partner only with the local champions who are also global disrupters.

We are looking for businesses in various stages – ranging from incubation to more mature companies with a focus on growth potential. We have a proven track record in M&A, so we make deals fast and efficient.

Value chain perfectioning is our hands-on duty in every business we are investing in. It includes not only adding missing parts of the value chain, but also strategy streamlining, accelerating processes and digital transformation of all aspects.

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Cited as the #1 city for tech startups, Vilnius is empowered by its rich history and quickly charging into the future!

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Work now in the future of tech. Take your career to new heights at the front lines of cutting-edge technologies.

From state-of-the-art technology to international e-commerce, Snowball is…

… always one step ahead with most attractive job opportunities. We encourage our professionals to search and try new initiatives, to grow and to improve in a dynamic environment, and most importantly, to take on more responsibilities.

Our specially curated teams are a large part of our secret to success. We have built supportive teams that really know how to work together and create amazing outcomes.

Proper work ethic begins with showing up – ready as you are, solving problems with what you have. In times of constant change and challenge – we dare to find new ways to keep the balance. Friction is what you should aim for, constant testing of creativity and ingenuity – that’s how you grow.

“I was given the freedom to learn and explore. This is what made it all possible for me to grow in my career.”
Domantas Bepirštis, SEO Team Lead | Smart Brands Lab

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A fast-growing Amazon and digitally native brands company

Smart Brands Laboratory developed a direct-to-consumer niche brand growth model that scales them through a series of advancing methodologies in branding, multichannel sales, sourcing, and digital marketing strategies.

Established: 2018

Invested: 2018

Located in: Vilnius, Rotterdam and San Francisco

Fostering digital skills at schools

As a leading EdTech group in Lithuania, TAMO Group provides school management systems and digital learning content solutions to 85% of the schools in Lithuania. TAMO Group is also developing a Family ERP system centered around education.

Established: 2007

Invested: 2012

Located in: Vilnius

Next generation sensing company

Brolis Sensor Technology designs and manufactures unique spectroscopic sensors for systems that require the highest level of miniaturization, accuracy and sensitivity. Brolis never-before-seen laser-based technology – spectroscopic sensors are applicable in medical and agricultural testing, fitness, and a wide range of other potential sectors.

Established: 2011

Invested: 2015

Located in: Vilnius and Gent, Netherlands

Developer and manufacturer of surveillance and defence systems

Brolis Defence Group is a global company that develops, manufactures and sells cutting-edge electro-optic systems for defense, security applications and surveillance to all NATO countries, Israel and more. Brolis products range from unmounted warrior systems and border surveillance to OEM solutions for airborne and naval applications.

Established: 2011

Invested: 2015

Located in: Vilnius and Larne, UK

Digitalising traditional retail
Kesko Senukai Digital is an e-commerce platform that was founded in partnership with Kesko Corporation. Kesko Senukai is Growing over 100% year after year, and it sells ~250k items to Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian based consumers each month.

Established: 2015

Invested: 2015

Located in: Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn

Transforming consumer lending

Mokilizingas (former Snoro Lizingas) is the pioneer of consumer finance in Lithuania. After revision, innovative renewal of product portfolio, IT infrastructure and marketing channels, we have achieved an annual average growth of 35%. Mokilizingas firmly holds a leading positions in Lithuania, and has established a strong presence in Latvia.

Established: 1999

Acquired: 2013

Exited: 2018

Investment IRR: over 30%

Algirdas Baltaduonis

Jurgis Rubaževičius

Edgaras Jasalinis

Tomas Unikauskis